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My Songs

Cole began writing songs when he turned 16. 

With the help of an acoustic guitar, spiral notebook, and a couple of ink pens, he discovered profound beauty in the act of pairing music with heartfelt words. He started learning guitar chords at 13, but WRITING songs was a whole new, beautiful experience. 

Singing and writing songs became not only a creative outlet,

but a healthy outlet too. As it turned out, he really loved it and challenged himself to write a new weekly "hit song" by every Friday of that summer in 2000. 


Every week he blissfully chipped away at new song ideas,

naturally allowing creative juices to flow. He poured his lyrics onto paper with ink pens, serious intention, and care, backing his words with a celebration of guitar chords, conveying deep emotions and messages through songwriting. It was love at first sound. 

Over many years and many songs, Cole's overall style developed into a soulful, folk rock sound. He's written everything from serious romantic songs to adventurous travel songs to songs that are just downright silly and fun to sing along to. 

Cole also enjoys improvisational writing and the jingle side of songwriting. In 2012 he won a regional contest in Saint Louis, MO/Illinois area with InstaCredit Automart for his catchy country jingle. 2012 was the same year he made it into the top 9 finalists for a nationwide jingle contest with Luden's Throat Drops called the,

"La La Luden's" contest.


Enjoy his NEW SINGLE 'Be The Light' NOW via Spotify, iTunes, and all other digital and streaming platforms.

Check out the 2015 album too! With studio band, Generations,

"Stories From An Old House," and stop by his YouTube channel for original music and almost 100 cover song videos from over the years.

Stay tuned for more original music to come in 2024 and beyond!

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