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Cole Adams is a seasoned singer-songwriter, rhythm guitarist, and entertainer. Originally from Saint Louis, Missouri, he’s also made Reno, Nevada, and California, his “homes away from home.” 

Being a transgender male, Cole takes pride in being a part of the LGBTQ+ community. Over the years he’s enjoyed playing solo gigs, as well as with a few different bands, duos, and trios.


As a songwriter, Cole creates a folk-rock sound with a side of soul and blues, but enjoys creating many different styles and genres of music while songwriting. Inspired by The Beatles and late 1960’s folk-rock, he began playing guitar and singing at age 13. He learned a lot from his Beatles music books, and yes, they're also his all-time favorite band.


In the year 2000, he discovered his love for singing and songwriting just a few days after being gifted an Epiphone Gibson acoustic guitar from his parents in celebration of his 16th birthday.


Cole played the Saint Louis, Missouri music scene from 2005 - 2017, starting out in bars and restaurants at age 21.


Flashback to November 2012, he attended his first singer-songwriter convention in Los Angeles with a company called Taxi. This is where he met a couple of San Diego/Escondido musicians who helped him successfully put together the perfect studio band to record a full-length album, including four of Cole's original songs.

Between 2013 to 2015, the trio gathered to record in an Escondido, California studio, along with talented LA drummer, Gootch Ibarra,

San Diego local musicians, Jackson Patrick, Dylan Casey, and

Greg Douglass, former lead guitarist and songwriter for the

Steve Miller Band.


The studio band went by the name, "Generations/The Generations."


Their full-length album, “Stories From An Old House”, was released in March of 2015, with Cole's original songs including, 

"Soda Jerk", "NYC Lady", "700 Miles", and "Your Soul Shines."


While traveling back and forth from St. Louis to the

San Diego (Escondido) area to record the album, he took the opportunity to play gigs and open mics throughout the SD area, Laguna Beach, Long Beach, and Los Angeles. 


Cole enjoyed traveling the entire state of California and moved to nearby Reno, Nevada in October of 2017. Blessed with many musical opportunities in Reno, including several weekly gigs in the downtown area, he thoroughly enjoyed his 2 years in the Biggest Little City (between 2017-2019), and misses it often.


Cole's 4th single, 'Be The Light,' is out now featuring, Jim Lucas, and Paul Niehaus IV of Blue Lotus Recordings in South City,

Saint Louis, Missouri.


All videography and photography credit for the new releases and official music videos goes to the talented, Jessica Weidhaas, of Jessica Rose Video. (2021-current).


Adams enjoys writing multiple genres of music and is exploring the world of licensing and publishing. Open to writing music for other people, Cole looks forward to the future. 


Stay tuned for all to come in 2024!

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